~Hot~FLEXING MUSCLES Party~Mysterious~SEXY~NAUGHTY~AWESOME bod with big breasts~Cum in my room and get ready to see LIVE an EXOTIC dancer~MODEL&FITNESS INSTRCUTOR~FIGURECOMPETITOR~pushups~pho ne~bouncing~flexibility~outfit requests~digital webcam~

I’ve always been a funny person, smart though i can say, nice, with sense of humour,always ready for FUN.I love dancing swaying my hips and feeling my curves to the rhythm of the music.I love shopping and buy all I need to make myself sure I’ve got everything for YOU(You should ask for anything u need or want).TRAVELING is another passion of mine…I’m also a fitness instructor and if You will let me I can do some instructions with u :))) but you better take a look in my archives or better [see me live].
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